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OpX organizations execute at a high level.  A critical key to their performance are the principles and tools utilized to establish a structure of continuous improvement.  It is often desribed as “the relentless pursuit of perfection knowing that you will never get there”.  The processes make issues visible, allowing employees, supervisros and managers to quicly identify and resolve problems. 


OpX organizations place high value on provideing customer value and eliminating DOWNTIME, an acronym used to describe the 8 wastes that are common across nearly all organizations.  The goal is to continuously drive them out of the system and increase value added activities.

Extra Processing

OpX cultures utilize fundamental processes that have been proven effective in nearly all industries and locations around the world. 5S, Kanban, Kaizen & Value Stream Mapping are just a few examples of tools used to eradicate DOWNTIME. OpX NW offers support to organizations through various methods that include evaluation, facilitation & implementation.