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Operational Excellence

An Operational Excellence (OpX) culture requires engaged employees, a focus on customer value and the elimination of waste.  OpX is achieved by continuous improvement of leadership, people, process and technology.  

Leadership Development

To achieve Operational Excellence, leadership is not important…it is imperative.


Accountability, responsibility, teamwork and problem solving are critical expectations of people in an OpX culture.  It requires interdependency to resolve problems and achieve organizational goals. 


Processes in an Opx organization keep areas safe and efficient while controlling the flow of parts, materials or services.  These principles are ingrained in an OpX culture and have been applied to nearly all industries across the world.


Technology has the potential to reward organizations with incredible efficiency gains.  However, failed projects quickly become an efficiency leak that can bring an operation to its knees.  Selection of technology and people for technical solutions is critical to ensure an organization reaps the desired benefits.  

OpX Northwest

OpX Northwest programs and services deliver superior results developing leaders, people, process and technology.

OpX Northwest, LLC

People – Process – Technology


The culture of an organization can be its greatest asset or its biggest nemesis.  An organization without a strong culture of continuous improvement simply cannot compete at the highest levels of industry.


Accelerated Leadership Development


As a regional Managing Partner, OpX Northwest is a proud affiliate of Leadership Management International.  The LMI methodology is proven to deliver positive measurable results for employees and leaders of organizations.  

To achieve Operational Excellence, leadership is not important…it is imperitive!


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